Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok the secret's out

So im back from o town again from the second stop of the Toejam tour. I want to thank Jimmy owner of TEXAS MASTER CRAFT for the support and making it possible for me to make it to the contest. Man I wish all the young rippers would stop riding so much. There was some crazy technical riding going on during this last event. Any way iv made it back to Texas and now get some time to focus on my other projects i have been working on. So this isn't a official press release or any thing but i think its time i set some stuff strait. My project i have been working on for the past 4 to 6 months is called the Signature wakeskate Comany. You may have seen some resent photos of me riding a white bi level type board, well that's the first proto type. Im not going into to much detail on construction just yet,but know that it is like no other board out there and has some deep roots in snowboarding since we all know snow is just frozen water. I have built this board from scratch as i will build every board that i make. It is made to be ridin hard and have a life spand that will rival any fully composit board. It is 99% wood core but is fully enclosed in a composite skin and sidewalls to ensure no water logging. It looks like a bi level but with a closed cell foam core between the top and bottom deck to prevent the top deck from flexing so it rides and feels more like a solid 3d deck.The board size can be between 39 to 41 inches in length and a width of 13 1/2 inch's. I will post some pictures in the near future of the basic size and shape. Any one interested can leave me a message on here or e mail me a Stay tuned as more info will be released soon. On another note it looks like we are planing on have the Trinity River Round Up some time in September now since it was canceled do to swine flu scare.


Joey Arcisz said...

Im interested! I saw the proto today and it was sooo SICK!!! Anyone who reads this should check this thing out. It's DOPE!!!

Kyle said...

Glad to hear the comp has been rescheduled, hope to make it back out there for it.